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Name: Neliel Tu Oderschvank
Alias(es): Nel Tu, Tres
Species: Hyur
Race: Selkie
Chakra Element:
    Natural - Holy
    Hollow - Holy

Reiatsu Colour: Pink
Mist Mutation:
    Higher than average chakra resources
    Extended lifespan Late onset
    Higher than average physical strength Late onset

Approx. Height: 5'9”
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Green
Distinguishing Features: Large bosom, scar running from just to the left of the centre of the hairline, down the forehead and down the right side of her nose
Nationality: Archadian
City of Birth: Pravoka
Birthdate: Rosefire 24th
Esper: Belias
Education: Higher, College (equivalent) Graduate
Occupation: Healer
Affiliations: Khamja
    Class #1: Paladin
    Class #2: Sentinel
    Class #3: Dragoon

Other Learned Classes: White Mage, Synergist, Saboteur, Red Mage, Commando
Weapon(s): Zanpakuto, but has used lances and staffs in the past.
Allowed Aeon: Valefor
Other Aeons if Applicable: N/A
Other Abilities:
    ⌘ Personal Ability - Neliel's saliva contains weak healing properties and the application of such can be used to heal minor injuries
    ⌘ Al Bhed - Second-language
    ⌘ Ninjutsu - Practitioner
    ⌘ Taijutsu - Proficient
    ⌘ Additional - Neliel is more sensitive to the moods of individuals and their reiatsu than typical due to her own chakra type.

    ⌘ Pilot's Licence - Archadian Government Issue, Personal Craft only

Zanpakuto: Hollow-Type – Gamuza.
    Mask Fragment: A skull seated on the top of her head with coiled horns and teeth, now bears a large crack in the left side and is missing some of the teeth
      Estigma - Red patch over both cheeks and the bridge of the nose
      Bala - An instant, high-speed, sound-based blast of energy. Fired from [Part]
      Cero - A powerful beam of non-elemental energy. Fired from the back of the throat, pink.
      Gran Rey Cero - A much more powerful upgrade of the Cero that requires the user's blood to produce. pink
      Doble Cero -The ability to swallow a cero and return it with her own tacked onto the end.
      Hierro - A 'skin' of compressed Chakra that vastly enhances physical defense.
      Sonido - High speed movement comparable to Shunpo.
      Pesquisa - A sonar-like Reiatsu detection system.
      Descorrer - The ability to open a Garganta to allow travel between the Visible and Unseen worlds.
    Resurección: "Declare, Gamuza."
      Appearance - Nel becomes an armoured centaur, her mask changes and the horns uncoil to extend back over her head, and carries a green, double pointed lance
      Lanzador Verde - Neliel throws her lance with a chakra boosted spin which increase in speed during its flight so that it drills into an opponent upon contact

Zanpakuto Spirit Form: Yan
Limit Breaks:
    Naturally Gained:
      ⌘ Limit 1 - Description.
      ⌘ Fury Brand - Raising the weapon above the user's head, 'lightning' arcs from the user to all party members, granting the whole team access to their own limits
      ⌘ Limit 3 - Description.
    Hollow Limits:
      ⌘ Limit 1 - Description.
      ⌘ Great Gospel - The user prays, causing it to rain on the party; the rain fully heals all party members, lifting status effects, and grants immunity from both physical and magical damage for a period of time.



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